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2009年8月15日 #

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2009年8月13日 #

I attended the lecture of Algebre Method , really difficult for me to understand the professor. I fell a litter worried about my school life,the PHD life may be very hard. But I will try my best~~

After Talking with sister , I fell very good. Because of her encourage and words~~

What's more, I have chart with yuanyuan ~~ she seems to have no words to speak to me ~~
I will change the situation~
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2009年8月12日 #

Statistics A to Z
Statistics A to Z

A Application: The significance of Statistics is its application in almost every area. Economics, business, natural sciences, engineering--you name it, and then you will find statistical application in it.

B Belief: Some of the ideas of statistics sounded crazy when it was discovered. Those who firmly believed and persisted succeeded.

C Communication: We are not doing it for our own thrill, we will want to share what we find with others. Doing so, we need to communicate our ideas in layman terms--this requires a solid understanding and grasp of the ideas.

D Development: Statistics is one of the sciences that has a relatively short history of development. However, it has a well developed academia and a well defined system of concepts and methodologies.

E Excellence: We are always seeking to improve our analysis, excellence is what our ultimate goal lies.

F Fisher: One of the greatest statistician ever. Despite of being a nasty individual, he is still some one that every statistician will look up to.

G Government: The largest employer of statisticians.

H Honesty: We do not cheat, and we do not want to be cheated either.

I Inference: Result is not the only thing we care. What interested us is what conclusion we can draw from the result.

J Journey: Statistics is still on its way of evolving. It has a long long way to go, all we can do is to move it faster, and faster.

K Keynes: The author of the First Treatise in Probability. A genius

L Language: Statistics is a language that goes beyond the boarder. It is a languae that is spoken by all scientists, economists and etc.

M Methodology: T test, Chi square test, Test of Goodness of fit... We do not give them fancy names for fun, we know when, where and why to use them.

N Naive: We are a group of naive people who head for our target without a single bit of disattraction.

O Opportunity: Now with the evolving computing technology, we have so many opportunities to get involved in statistical research.

P Philosophy: Fisher's Maximum Likelihood Estimation? Bayesian's approach? Which is the right way--it simply depends on what philosophical view that you hold towards distribution--or statistics in general.

Q Questioning: Questioning the work by previous people. This is how we progress.

R Randomness: The idea of randomness sounds so fatalistic, we are the bunch of not many people who can actually make use of the randomness.

S Service: Statistics is a cool mind at the service of a warm heart.

T Training: We are all statisticians in training--the process might be painful, but we know we will be there some day.

U Unparallel: Name another subject that has an application in all sciences, humanities and engineering. Can you? I doubt so. Then you will know why Statistics is indeed unparrallel.

V Value: The value of statistics is far beyond our ability to estimate. Probably this is one of the many things that we cannot quantified?

W Wisdom: Statistics brought us wisdom.

X X: The unknown, the random variable, the force that drove us in our pursuit.

Y Yeah: After reading the above 24 words, don't you feel like cheering for what we are doing?

Z Zeal: Can you feel your heartbeat increasing after reading my article? I guess it is something called passion, hmm maybe you might call it adrenalin. Well, I shall collect some data and do a paired T test with it. =)

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1.英语还是我最大的软肋,以前以为学了点雅思,就不会担心的呢,但是现在发现问题还是非常的严重。现在在看的一本书"probability and measure",一直不知道在讲什么,特别是,看完一个section后,根本就忘记了学了什么东西,为此一直很郁闷,现在想想可能是英语的问题。因为,今天也看了一本中文的书《现代概率论基础》,汪嘉冈写的。一学姐介绍我看的,我现在的概率基础几乎是零~所以看书很吃力,这一本是一本很好的基础教程,可以先看看~~看了之后就感觉第一节讲的什么东西,几乎都记得吧~~所以英语,还是要练~






跑步,学习~~ beginning~

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2009年8月10日 #



太晚 了,要睡了,明天继续跑步,已经两天没跑了~~


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2009年8月7日 #

晚上不想看书,这些天一直在看probability and measure,之前还好,今天就感觉特别的不好,很多都不懂。不只是因为是英语~感觉在这边学习PHD真实任重而道远啊~

王可君约去boon lay,其实也不要买东西,因为杨岸要去,还有她一同学~一直感觉这女人蛮好的,长的不错~而且人很好的样子~

上次在学校还跟我说你坏话 说不喜欢你这个人  
安生 23:18:47



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2009年8月6日 #

就是和以前的朋友没怎么联系,一直想给媛媛发邮件的,总是鼓不起这个勇气,不知道怎么回事,自从上次见到她,感觉是那么的好,好像认识很久了一样,也确实是这样了,小学,幼儿园的时候就是同学 了,小学做了五年的同学,五年级,她转到盐城去读。

六年级她发了一张卡片给我,初一又发了一张,一直保存着,特别记得 开始 和最后 开始:小彬子  最后是:你是我最最最好的朋友啊~~~

当时那个激动 啊。现在想起来,依然有那种心动的感觉,一直让我迷恋。那时候就在想,媛媛成绩那么好,一定可以在考上一中的,于是拼命的学啊,好几个晚上 都是学到夜里12点多的,那时候 累了,就会想起她,然后就又有了力量了~~感觉有点傻,但是又是那么的真实,那些日子可能是我整个人生里最最充实的了~~现在啊,回味起那些日子,一边单相思,一边好好的准备考高中,真是很幸福~~

后来我去 了一中,可是她留在了二中,可是跟她联系的还是蛮少的,基本没怎么联系,不知道~~那时候的学习,有点感觉像是行尸走肉,学习是为了什么,不知道,想学到怎么样,不知道~~只知道,要好好学习~~

不小心考上了苏大,还不小心来到现在这个地方,NTU,Singpore.运气蛮好。于是这次,鼓起勇气把她约出来,想请她吃饭,她同意了。很早就在心里琢磨她现在的样子,不记得了,只记得她 假小子一个,小学时,还有点泼辣~~


假小子,变了,变的漂亮了~~不敢相信自己的眼睛~~真的很漂亮了,骑着电瓶车,带她去吃饭,去了碧连天~~她还说贵的。嘿嘿~ 你可能不知道,我觉得其实也蛮贵的,不过,请你能跟你一起吃饭,就是那次饭钱后再加一个零我都要愿意的,真的很兴奋能跟你在一起吃饭~看你不怎么说话,基本都是我在说话的,感觉有点不好意思,因为有很多跟你谈话的内容我有吹的成分在里面呢,大学里,什么都学会了,吹牛,本来还有点小会哄女孩子开心的,但是感觉在你面前就是有点自卑了,不知道~~怎么回事,在你面前有那么一点点放不开~~因为在别的女生面前可能有点小流氓的一样,但是,你是那么的纯净~你说你爸妈平时不怎么让你出来的,特别是男生,然后你爸妈让你跟我一起吃饭,感觉很开心,还有点小骄傲~嘿嘿~不知道刘老师还好~~虽然她很严厉,但是她人还是很好的,对我的印象也不差吧~哈哈~~




2009.8.6   1:29

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2009年7月13日 #


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2009年5月18日 #


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2009年5月14日 #

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