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     At thi time. Tang three-bolt ha been shot out from the tree.

no tail. Four-inch rear is cylindrical. Four-inch front is shape tip. The three-inch top 12 small to have a full blood groove. Advanc veri Fengrui. Shine light of coldness,  moncler shop  Arrow length Bacun. and have not penetr the tree and ani wear

open arrow shaft installed. The 16 bolt 11 within the cartridg back pressure.     Tang Three crossbow in the side of a bomb Zhuge God.

    Oscar ha to scrape togeth over time. To smile with a look of flattery. The "mini three. We ar not a good brother?"

how could he not understand the mean of the Academi to do,  moncler store  Tang three look at him smile. "of course, rest assured. I am a man of God to send you a Zhuge Crossbow is it, and Rongrong the same. Materi out of your own, I am respons for manufactur However. thi thing veri troublesom to manufacture, I can onli do on a month. Do not worri like. And Do not us less than a last resort. bolt is not easi to build, difficult to recov after injection, and I, after all, Only on person. certainli not on all of you for use, not to mention that Zhuge God crossbow itself extrem overbearing, too much destruction. is like to caus fatal injuries. "

    "Primari Three. Do not do that." Zao suddenli blurted.

"why. Zhao teacher."  buy moncler  Tang 3 Somewhat taken aback.

you make it hard crossbow Zhuge God,    Zao' face show a trace of cun smiles. Look at other students. Said: "These gui ar not monei to people. thei can not be cheaper, some peopl do not care about monei anyway. You estim a price to sell them better."

primari three. Zhuge God crossbow if you sell it then. How much of a?


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