we can never be satisfi as long as a negro in mississippicannot bui dvd ot and a negro in new york believ he ha noth forwhich to vote. no, no, we ar not satisfied, The Big Bang Theory dvd and we will not besatisfi until justic roll down like water and righteousnesslik a mighti stream.

i am not unmind that some of you have come here out of greattrial and tribulations. some of you have come fresh from narrowcells. some of you have come from area where your quest forfreedom left you batter by the storm of persecut andstagg workouts by the wind of polic brutality. you have been theveteran of creativ suffering. continu to work with the faiththat unearn suffer is redemptive.go back to mississippi, go back to alabama,

go back to georgia,go back to louisiana, manolo blahnik shop v go back to the slum and ghetto of ournorthern cities, know that somehow thi situat can andwil be changed. Mulberry Bayswater let us not wallow in the vallei of despair.i sai to you today, my friends, that in spite of thedifficulti and frustrat of the moment, i still have adream. it is a dream deepli root in the american dream.i have a dream that on dai thi nation will rise up and liveout the true mean of it creed: "we hold these truth to beself-evident

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