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Please believe in yourself, you will become the one you dreamed to be! Everything happened in your life could be concluded as "All will gona past!" Before lying to me, prepare that I may not forgive you! Don't say missing me when I changed! Love always comes when we don't know how to love! Your are lucky to choose to love me or not, while I could only choose to love or more! I realized that I have already missed you when I miss you! Sometime, though we clearly know the truth, we still struggle to find reasons to defeat it, so we can support the answer we wanted. You asked me, can they come back if we lost something? Eh, maybe, but baby, I once lost a button, while I already changed another cloth when I found the button back. It's nature for a girl to dream about the future of her and her BF, while when a boy think about his and his GF's future, he means to be serious. You can still wait another train when miss one, but you may never meet the right person when you miss him. Always, look forwards, the road never betrays you. It's your fate to meet someone, but your own business to love or hate someone. Live a life you wanted, be a person deserved to recall. Your destiny defends on your characteristic, if you like your characteristic, you have no rights to complain about your destiny. Sometime, all we need is just a heart. Time can not prove everything, but will prove something. Translated by myself, feel free to correct.

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