I Like you,But It's in the Past.

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I Like you,But It's in the Past. Even though your phone number is still in my contacts,but we will not meet again without accident.Anyway,you will not take the initiative to call me any more, let alone a message.Maybe we are gonna be that way. No longer track your voice in the noise; No longer locate your figure in the crowd; No longer mull over my words,actions and even expressions because of your appearance; No longer crush on you. You never knew it was my softest moment when calling out your name even in a trembling voice; My steps were always light and slow when walking by you; To prevent too much emotions from reavling,I was afraid of looking into your eyes ; My pad was filled up with your name when I was in a daze,and I can write your name more smoothly than mine; I can also blurt out your phone number when mine was asked; I was full of you the moment we separated,everything about you was left in my memory. I was thinking what you were doing while eating,sleeping,shopping and dazing.And I was wondering if you would miss me like that. That simple,pure and you-centred life will be plentiful with memories and will be withered with reality. Once I loved you so much,but you didn't cherish it. Trial Translation


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