1. The Mask 《变相怪杰》— From zero to hero.

2. The Lost World 《迷失的世界》— Something has survived.

3. Gladiator 《角斗士》— A hero will rise.

4. Entrapment 《偷天陷阱》— The trap is set.

5. Tomb Raider 2 《古墓丽影》2— The lady returns.

6. Lost in Translation 《迷失东京》— Everyone wants to be found.

7. Terminator 3 《终结者》3 — Rise of the machines.

8. Hannibal 《汉尼巴尔》— Break the silence.

9. Final Fantasy 《最终幻想》— Truth in every dream.

10. Charlie's Angels 《霹雳娇娃》— Get some action.

11. Jeepers Creepers 《惊心食人族》— What's eating you?

12. Moulin Rouge 《红磨坊》— Truth. Beauty. Freedom. Love.

13. The Four Feathers 《四根羽毛》— Freedom. Country. Honor. Passion.

14. 1-Spy 《金牌间谍》— Attitude meets Espionage.

15. Ice Age 《冰河世纪》— Ice Age is coming.

16. Reign of Fire 《火龙帝国》— Fight fire with fire.

17. Showtime 《作秀时刻》— Lights. Camera. Aggravation.

18. Simone 《西蒙尼》— A star is created.

19. Spirit 《小马王》— Leader. Hero. Legend.

20. The Time Machine 《时光机器》— Where would you go?

21. Two Weeks Notice 《双周情人》— Over. Done. Finished.

22. We Were Soldiers 《越战忠魂》— Fathers. Brothers. Husbands & Sons.

23. World Traveler 《四海为家》— Ever wander!

24. Scary Movie 《惊声尖叫》— More merciless. More shameless.

25. The Ninth Gate《第九鬼门关》— Leave the unknown alone